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About Critica Group

At Critica, we focus on one thing: our clients. 

Then we learn, we work together to achieve positive outcomes, we support, minimise delays, overcome operational issues, and secure long-term, efficient, environmentally-considered and reliable continuation of process, no matter the type of project.

We’re able to offer our unique obsolescence management and procurement service because we bring a unique mix of skills to the market.

As a team, we have many decades of experience in — among other areas — procurement, engineering, upgrades and like-for-like replacement, obsolescence insurance and planning, emergency support, and long-term solutions

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About Our Team

Our team comprises individuals with personal expertise as procurement specialists, operational engineers, sales executives in power generation, marine, oil and gas, and renewables, as well as unparalleled experience of legacy operations and providing cost-effective solutions that work for client, operator and markets.

By joining forces in Critica, we are now able to head up a team offering clients across all these and multiple other sectors an asset obsolescence management service like no other — including our one-stop 24/7 emergency response capability.

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Our Specialities

We specialise in troubleshooting and finding innovative solutions to extend equipment life worldwide while with procurement we have an unrivalled understanding of competitive global component sourcing and delivery.

All our skills are transferable to any area of any industry, but we have particular expertise and decades of experience in these specific markets…

Power generation  Compression Oil and gas  Marine  Nuclear  Industrial applications

Find out more about Critica Group’s unique approach by calling us on +44(0)7714493375.

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