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Corporate and Social Responsibility Policy

Corporate social responsibility is defined as the integration of business operations and values in such a way that the interests of all customers, employees, stakeholders, the community, and the environment are reflected in the company’s actions, strategies, and processes.


Our commitment

Critica Group Ltd is committed to…

  • Continually improving our overall CSR strategy
  • Encouraging business partners to aim for matching performance
  • Behaving at all times in a socially responsible way
  • Continually upgrading our performance and adhering to all relevant legislation
  • Ensuring our team is mindful of the impact of individual actions on the wider environment.


Purpose and aims of this policy


This policy applies across all our asset obsolescence management, emergency response, and procurement services and governs our approach to all  that we do. The purpose of the policy is to…

  • Make clear to all stakeholders what we mean by CSR
  • How we propose to work towards achieving it. 

In implementing this policy we aim to:

  • Take responsibility
  • Stand as an example of best practice.


Business conduct standards


We recognise that good CSR embraces all aspects of sustainable development and the way we affect others through our business operations. To this end, we will…

  • Assess which social issues are of most relevance to each contract and decide at what stage we should include this social policy, legally and in terms of effectiveness
  • Work in such a way that we at all times safeguard against unfair business practices
  • Always take a responsible approach to developing relationships between us, our suppliers and the communities they serve
  • Work  with our customers to determine the environmental, social and economic issues involved in all transactions
  • Ensure all contracts clearly set out the agreed terms, conditions, and the basis for our relationship
  • Continually review all policies and practices to encourage engagement with other small and medium enterprises
  • At all times work to promote the development of the regional supply chain.


Corporate governance

Critica Group is committed to ensuring we conduct our business in line with rigorous legal, ethical, and professional standards. To this end, we will…

  • Share and declare information on personal and corporate conflicts of interest and seek guidance before proceeding
  • Comply with all relevant laws and regulations
  • Do our utmost to ensure stakeholders have confidence in our decision-making and management processes through continual staff training and development
  • Treat everyone with whom we have a business relationship in an open and respectful manner
  • Seek regular feedback from all customers, vendors, staff and stakeholders on our performance, ensuring all comments are analysed, responded to, and — where relevant — acted on.


Impact on the environment

We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment through continual improvement and to this end we will…

  • Work in tandem with our suppliers to help reduce their impact on the environment
  • Continually assess the production, use, and disposal associated with the main products we use to run our business
  • Keep our customers fully informed of the key issues involved in procuring the goods they order through us so they can make informed purchases and so reduce their impact on the environment.


Human rights, equality, diversity, and community impact

We support and respect the protection of internationally-proclaimed human rights and we actively encourage our suppliers to do the same.

We also aim to eliminate discrimination on any grounds and promote equality of opportunity in our business, in the supply chain, and in the communities in which we operate.

To this end, we will…

  • Commit to ensuring the welfare of workers and labour conditions within our supply chain meet or exceed recognised standards
  • Ensure both our customers and suppliers are able to work together in confidence and be treated with respect
  • Ensure all contracts take account of the needs of a diverse customer base
  • Discover how we can most effectively support our local communities and implement appropriate initiatives
  • Recognise our impact on the local and wider community and nurture closer relationships.


Ethics, ethical trading, and our suppliers


We are committed to maintaining clear visibility throughout our supply chains with the aim of understanding where all the products we source and sell are manufactured. To this end, we will…

  • Provide full training to relevant team members on environmental and social issues affecting our supply chains
  • Ensure all suppliers uphold the same workplace standards and behaviours we require of our own team members
  • Encourage our suppliers to adopt responsible business practices for our mutual benefit
  • Work alongside our suppliers and treat them as partners to help us achieve our policy service delivery aspirations, and exert pressure on them where necessary to ensure standards are maintained

Undertake an environmental and social assessment for all new suppliers.